Thursday, January 2, 2014

Temporary Parking Options During Winter Storms

As published on the town website; there will likely be a parking ban with this storm – as soon as I can identify it’s been announced I will post and push it out.

The Department of Public Works reminds local residents that when a parking ban is in effect during winter storms, temporary parking is available in municipal lots. The parking options listed below are located in the downtown area.

Town Hall - 45 South Main Street
Municipal Credit Union - 88 South Main Street
Wallingford Public Library - 200 North Man Street
Caplan/Wooding Property - located behind the building that corners North Main Street and Center Street
Simpson Court Rear Lot - park in designated municipal area
Whittlesey Avenue & Orchard Street - park in designated municipal area
Meadow Street & William Street - park in designated municipal area
Railroad Station - park behind station on the west side of the tracks

Please remember that relocating your vehicle from the street assists with the removal of snow and proper treatment of the roadway surface. When a parking ban is in effect, motor vehicles may not be parked on any public street and are subject to removal.


  1. Unfortunately many do not follow this especially on my street and they never tow. What happens is the plow driver no matter what time it is blows he extremely loud horn as hr drives by in both directions. The only people who wake up are my family and my BABY!. I do not fault the plow driver just wish he would call in for a tow instead of making the people who follow the rules suffer.

  2. It is a local ordinance; whether it is enforced (as you've seen first-hand) is questionable. The Public Works drivers hate to be "the heavy" and have to call to tow anyone so they and you have to really hope people follow the ordinance.

    Some folks new to town may not be aware of the ordinance but it is likely they had one in the town they came from.

    Unfortunately at the end of the day some people simply do not care and really need to be towed to learn that lesson.