Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Urgent message from Cheryl Trzcinski of Master's Manna

It is 12:25p.m., Nov. 20, 2013. I sit at my desk rereading a letter dated Nov. 19, 2013 from the realtor handling this property for the owner. In essence, unless Master’s Manna agrees to sign a lease by Dec. 1st which mandates that Master’s Manna, Inc. will:

  • occupy the entire building (11,600 sq. ft.) at a cost of approx. $6700 per month
  • pay past due rent of $13,167.16
  • provide 2 mo. Security deposit at new rate
There is no doubt more space is required to continue operation of current programs. For the past year we have worked with CBRE Real Estate in an effort to locate suitable space in Wallingford and most recently Meriden. I have come to the conclusion that it all boils down to money. Money is tight for everyone right now… we see it every day through the eyes of the individuals/families that come through our doors~
  • 1194 from Wallingford
  • 1507 from Meriden
  • 15 from Cheshire
  • 11 from Durham
  • 38 from North Haven
  • 14 from West Haven
  • 34 homeless
  • 22 from other towns
2835 INDIVIDUALS have sought access to the food pantry so far during 2013.

Hundreds of other local residents utilize other services provided on-site at Master’s Manna such as:

  • Shower/laundry facilities
  • Hot meals
  • Access to primary care through the Community Health Center
  • Substance abuse/domestic abuse/mental health counseling
  • Access to Rushford’s staff and services
  • English as Second Language
  • Clothing and housewares
  • Educational and vocational training
All of this has been accomplished on less the $195,000 annual budget with one paid part-time employee ( no, it is NOT the C.E.O.) and an incredible supply of volunteers.
We have served faithfully and sacrificially.


NEEDED: $50,000 through the end of the year

Checks made out to Master’s Manna, Inc., use PayPal through our website, or bring us cash.

God bless you,
Cheryl A. Trzcinski, C.E.O.

May 2013 bring HOPE and ENOUGH~
Cheryl Trzcinski, C.E.O.
Master's Manna, Inc


  1. The thing no one researches is the people going to Master's Manna how many are in true need and how many are looking for a free lunch I would love to know.

  2. There is no real way to know this but if you have a suggestion of a method I am sure they are "all ears".

    This is why it is a donation drive and a "kindness of others" effort - it's totally optional and at one's own will.

  3. one method is see what kind of car people are arriving in then fallow home the ones in fancy expensive cars and see the fancy house they live in, that would be a good start.

    1. Not for nothing, but one may live in a 'fancy' house that is now in foreclosure due to their losing their job (or spouse that once covered the bills). And, they may still keep a nice, RELIABLE car in hopes of procuring and keeping a job, since selling it for a cheaper, less reliable one may not. You don't know everyone's story, nor their needs, and shouldn't make possibly erroneous assumptions due to appearances.

    2. Yes we know what they say about ASSuming! Everyone story is different.. Vasco maybe you should volunteer to serve a meal to the needy so you can get a better perspective!

  4. I presume they do not have the resources to do that; their staffing is very limited.

    You can always call and suggest this method if you're able to help out; I am sure the assistance would be appreciated.

    1. I work for a living but I am sure they can find a retired person with some free time on their hands.

  5. I find it hard to believe that someone who is able to drive around in a fancy car and go home to a fancy house is stopping by Masters Manna for a free lunch. I am guessing that Vasco has never spent anytime at Master's Manna... I would recommend that before you make snide comments about people who are in need, you walk in their shoes and take just a moment to hear their story.... You might think differently.

  6. Vasco hope u don't need their services one day!! Hope u don't lose your job unexpectedly or go thru an unforseen chain of events which leave u with nothing but a roof over your head. Stop being so judgemental, not everyone takes advantage. Have u been there?? Have u stopped in to volunteer your time?? Some of us really do need help and thank God they were there!!!!

  7. Vasco sounds like when asked to volunteer they have no time because they work I work and have helped them out when I have free time .I guess you work 24 hrs per day and have no time .