Saturday, November 2, 2013

An effort begins to save the old Csenge Market

This appeal is going out from some people affiliated with the effort to save the old Csenge Market


Urgent! An historic building in Wallingford is in danger of being torn down. It is located on the corner of Ward and South Orchard Streets. Built in 1923, this building has a distinctive yellow brick fa├žade, with decorative geometric elements all along the cornice.

Known to older residents of Wallingford as the “Csenge Market,” it is of great local and state significance, representing the story of European immigration during the first half of the twentieth century. Exemplifying the now vanishing full-service corner grocery, for decades the market offered fresh produce and meats from surrounding farms, as well as other supplies from the docks in New Haven. Of the three storefronts in the building, the “Economy” grocery predates the Csenge Market, and is believed to form part of the business which later became the First National Stores. Other historic family-run specialty stores at this site include a candy, soda fountain and ice cream store. Until recent weeks, this building has housed commercial businesses.

An application has been filed with the State Historic Preservation Office to place this building in nomination for the Connecticut State Register of Historic Places. (A successful nomination will document this part of Wallingford history, plus make the building eligible for certain restoration grants.)

Your voice matters! The more individuals who speak up, the more likely the success of the nomination petition for the Register of Historic Places.



If you would like to see this building preserved, please email or call:

1) Jerry Farrell, Jr., President, Wallingford Historic Preservation Trust. Please send email through his website:, 203-804-9188; and

2) The State Historic Preservation Office, Daniel Forrest, Director of Arts & Historic Preservation & State Historic Preservation Officer,, 860-256-2761.


You may wish to cut and paste a statement to the state office along these lines:


We urge you to place the building known historically as the “Csenge Market” on the Connecticut State Register of Historic Places (location: 157 South Orchard Street, Wallingford). It deserves preservation and recognition based on its significance to social history, ethnic heritage and American architecture.


Thank you for trying to make a difference in the quality of life and legacy of Wallingford!

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