Monday, December 3, 2012

The new BLOG for all (other) things Wallingford

Hi everyone.

I decided to do a separate blog for "all things" Wallingford that really do not fit to any of my other "Wallingford" based blogs

I already do a lot of posting directly to the Wallingford CT Community Forum page over on Facebook which lately has been “the” catch all for conversations regarding topics about the town. The issue there is that once the item drops down in the thread you tend to lose it where here on the Blog you'll have the ability to search the blog for keywords. That and you have to have a Facebook account. I realize that's over a billion people but there are a few that do not use it regularly.

From time to time I add the content to one of my other blogs which are either my personal thoughts,
From the Mind of Jason Zandri or the general politics of Wallingford at Wallingford Politico. Once in a while and when it is directly relative to what might be a Town Council concern I would have the information over on my Wallingford Town Councilor blog but there are certain stories, news, “goings on” that just don’t fit any of the blogs in particular so I decided to start this one (because there was 30 free minutes in my schedule).

What I’d envision for the blog is additional input and submission from town residents; this can be a nice central hub for fundraisers, general announcements, general notices and so forth – just drop me a note with your post request and I will do my best to get it up and online all in one central location as time permits.

When sending me an email at
JASON@ZANDRI.NET please indicate a meaningful subject line so that the spam filter doesn’t swallow it.

I hope people become interested and part of the process – many hands make light work and personal engagement and investment is especially fulfilling

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