Wednesday, December 11, 2013

UPDATE from Master's Manna - we are officially out of debt for 2013

Good morning all

Without a doubt 2013 has been a year of HOPE and ENOUGH. With today's deposit of $9,900 we are officially out of debt with ALL of our financial responsibilities met. All future donations and funding will be held for relocation and/or to prepare and provide for 2014. This is the 7th year of having all of our obligations met with funds in the bank for the next year... for which we are grateful.

Your support and prayers have meant much during these days. Thank you for having faith in the mission and in those providing services. Our goal is to continue to provide services at this current level. Many are seeking new "digs" for Master's Manna in hopes that this will be a final move.

Matt O'Hare: CBRE, Bob Weidenmann: Sunwood Developers, Private citizens and volunteers are seeking for the "perfect spot".

Will keep you updated as we move forward!

God bless you,

Cheryl Trzcinski, C.E.O.
Master's Manna, Inc


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