Monday, June 3, 2013

My Sunday turned into a Looney Tunes Cartoon


-- The family was on the way to my seven year old daughter’s very first piano recital.
-- “Tartar Sauce” is used as an interjection on the infamous SpongeBob Squarepants.
-- My kids continually mess sayings up.

So we are driving to Angela’s piano recital in the car when Alex (who turns four this September) begins the conversation and Adam (the five year old) does most of the rest of the follow up.

ALEX: Daddy, can I have a drink
DAD: Sorry buddy, there’s no drink in the car.
ALEX: Oh, Tartar Paste!

ADAM: It’s “Tartar Sauce” Alex, not “Tartar Paste”.

ALEX: There’s no drink! Tartar Paste!

ADAM: “Tartar Sauce”

ALEX: Tartar Paste.

ADAM: Daddy – Alex is getting it all wrong. He keeps saying “Tartar Sauce”; tell him it’s “Tartar Paste”.

DAD: Ummm…

ALEX: (In a nice soft voice that sounded as if he was talking to himself). See Adam, I told you it was “Tartar Paste”. I know what I am talking about; I will be four you know and I am going to Pre K soon.


I am going to miss them while they are away this summer; I really am.   

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