Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Wallingford, current news and events and now a little history

Folks that follow the My Wallingford blog know that it has been effectively a “catch all” local blog of Wallingford items that do not “fit” elsewhere (such as Political items that land on my Wallingford Politico blog or school related items that end up on my Wallingford Public Schools and so forth).

In quite a few instances there are a few days without a lot of posts so I’ve decided that in the interest of keeping things going here and with the popularity of the Growing up in Wallingford Facebook group that I would try to put up some historical posts.

There’s been some real interest in a recent post I put up (A derailment from Wallingford’s history) from the Record Journal archives regarding the Conrail derailment here in Wallingford from back in 1981 so I thought I would try to pick something once a week or so.

At the same time, for all those local history buffs (Mr. Ferreira and Mr. Devaney as well as others), I would more than welcome guest columns and posts if Town History and writing is something of interest to you. I am really interested in this as I am only so knowledged; there are many others with so much more depth than I could ever hope to amass.

So there you have it – a little history with the current events.

And off we go


  1. It sounds to me like that Southwestern Advantage is taking Advantage of these kids, Mr. Zandri.

  2. Hi Bob - I presume you're talking about my other post at http://mywallingford.blogspot.com/2013/05/southwestern-advantage-is-mystery.html

    At this point I'd be hard pressed to argue with you. People are willingly doing this work (no one is forcing them) and as people leave others come in to take their place I suppose.

    First and foremost to me is to make sure Wallingford folks have the heads up - if and how they choose to deal with them at their doors (if at all) is up to them.

    I just like the idea of a knowledgeable citizens making informed decisions.